ARTS o' Magazine

ARTS o' Magazine has been created to advertise and promote the worlds' dedicated LocalAIR Artists, it’s budding & timeless art scene, AIR’s Resident Artists and a host of Community Partners, movers, shakers and creators. The ARTS o' Magazine is one of AIR’s fundamental fundraisers for AIR’s charitable art centered enrichment activities.  Purchase of advertisement space is a tax deductible donation to AIR Artist in Residence. 


Internationally via the ARTS o' Online Magazine.

10,000 hard copies of ARTSoFL are distributed locally from West Palm Beach to Key West:

Community Partners, City Arts & Recreational  Facilities

Transportation terminals and hubs (airports, train stations, etc.)

Apartment buildings and residential partners.

Nationally to AIR Artist in Residence Membership and Patrons.

Advertised internationally via social media outlets on the internet. 


Front Page Cover |20k

Full Page Ad | $3k+

Full 4 Page Article Ad | $13k+

Full 3 Page Article Ad | $10k+

Full 2 Page Article Ad | $7k+

Full Page Article Ad | $4k+

Back Page | $16k

Half Page Ad | $2k +

Quarter Page Ad | $1k +

Half Page Ad | $500+