Locally Expanding the Global Arts Community 

It's about supporting creative expression, the truest form of genius.  We're creating a web of connectivity from our small residence to the local arts community of SoFL and back from the local arts community out to the globe. AIR host four Artists in Residence Annually with each residence being paired with local talent and community partners that will offer the most appropriate presentation for our Artist's preferred form of expression.  Artists of all mediums are open to consideration at our Annual Board Meeting.  To apply for residency, an applicant must be an active member of AIR Artist in Residence. The non-local recipients of the residency are brought in quarterly for two month intervals Feb-Mar, May-Jun, Aug-Sep & Nov-Dec. Our online residence recipients are hosted and featured on our website, and social media accounts for one monthduring the months of Jan, April, July, and Oct.  Artists are responsible for transportation to and from AIR, for themselves and their supplies. The first four weeks of the non-local residency, involve Artists preparation, solitude and creation. Within month two, the Artists presents their craft to the local arts community with "Local AIR" featured Artists and our loyal Community Partners.